Dessert Box FAQ

Q) When was my dessert box made?
A) Our dessert boxes are always made fresh on the day of delivery unless otherwise discussed. 

Q) How long will my dessert box last?
A) Best devoured on the day of arrival, but our boxes will still be as delicious the next day.

Q) How do I store my dessert box?
A) If you plan on digging in the day you receive it, room temperature is fine! Out of direct sunlight of course, we don't want those delicious chocolates to melt. If you need a bit more time to finish your goodies we suggest refrigerating to ensure everything stays nice and fresh overnight (you can heat up your donuts to make them even more delicious!).

Q) Are there allergens in my dessert box?
A) Allergens such as gluten, nuts and dairy are present in our dessert boxes. You know your body best, but if you have any allergies or intolerances please be aware. Please note that we cannot accommodate allergen free boxes at this time. 


Delivery FAQ

Q) Can I request a specific date for delivery?
A) Absolutely! Pop your preferred date for delivery in the notes section at checkout or get in touch directly and we will confirm this for you. Please keep in mind that local deliveries (Central Coast, NSW - cakes & graze boxes) are delivered on Saturdays between 9AM & 5PM and all other gift boxes are sent via Australia Post. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your gift will arrive on your preferred date if sent via Australia Post, but we can do our absolute best.